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Suzan Verdegaal

S.H.M. (Suzan) Verdegaal, MD PhD

Orthopedic surgeon

"I consider strong and truthful relationships of the upmost importance to both my professional and my private life in order to come to a better understanding of problems and situations, and ultimately to develop better ideas, plans, and decisions. I am committed to improve quality of care and try to raise the bar every day."

Expertise areas

  • Hip replacement a.o. through anterior approach
  • Revision hip replacement
  • Complex hip pathology
  • Persisting pain after hip replacement


The majority of the patients treated by Suzan Verdegaal is seriously restricted in performing their jobs, playing sports, and participating in their social and family life. “My main motivation is to accompany and coach my patients in the process of diagnosis, selecting treatment options (shared decision making), and ultimately in surgery and recovery.”

Professional background

Since 2005, Suzan Verdegaal has been working as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. She specialised in primary and revision hip replacement and is one of the leading specialists in the field. For many years, she has been working in close collaboration with dr. Evert van Langelaan, expert in the field of hip revision surgery. Suzan Verdegaal performs more than 150 hip surgeries per annum, about 50 of these being revision surgeries. This makes her one of the top surgeons in the field of hip revision surgery in the Netherlands. Suzan Verdegaal also works in Alrijne Hospital.

Academic background

  • Study of medicine, Leiden University
  • Orthopedic training, Leiden University Medical Center
  • Thesis: Diagnostics and treatment options in low-grade central chondrosarcoma (2016)

Boards & Memberships

  • Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging (NOV)
  • European Hip Society (EHS)
  • Founder and vice-president of the Dutch Orthopaedic Ladies Society
  • Nordic Orthopaedic Federation (NOF)
  • Werkgroep Heup van de NOV