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Eisenhower Clinic expands pain clinic with pain specialist Wouter Bóza

22 May 2023 / News

The Eisenhower Clinic is very pleased that the team of pain specialists of the Eisenhower Clinic will be expanded with the addition of anaesthesiologist/pain specialist Wouter Bóza as of mid-May. With this expansion, waiting times for an initial consultation can be kept short and a possible treatment can take place quickly.

Wouter Bóza is a renowned and experienced pain specialist. He has years of experience in the treatment of various complex chronic and acute pain complaints. At the UMC Utrecht he trained as an anesthetist and then the fellowship pain medicine at the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem. Since 2013 he worked as an anesthesiologist-pain specialist at Bronovo Hospital (HMC) and at various ZBCs such as DC Clinics and Park MC.

Wouter Bóza – Pain Specialist