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Eisenhower Kliniek has contracted several health insurance companies in 2024. If you are insured at one of these insurance companies all your costs (consults and treatments) will be fully (100%) reimbursed.

Contracted Health Insurance Companies 2024 (100% reimbursement):

Health Insurance Companies without a contract with Eisenhower Kliniek

Whether your treatment will be covered depends on your health care insurance. If you have an international insurance our healthcare will be covered like in other clinics or hospitals. If you have a so-called restitutie plan (restitutiepolis) or specific combination plan (specific combinatiepolis) in the Netherlands then the costs will be fully reimbursed; we can guarantee you that you will not have to pay any costs. See the overview below for 2024:

If you have a so-called natura or budget plan (natura or budgetpolis) in the Netherlands it is different, as insurance companies then only reimburse partially. Fortunately we now can offer patients with a natura or budget insurance the opportunity to make use of our expertise with a relatively low contribution of 75 euro for all outpatient clinic activities. Please check your health insurer’s terms and conditions or contact us if you have any questions.

Click here for more information about reimbursement and conditions of your health insurance company.

General information

No coverage without a referral (Dutch healthcare insurances)
Though you don’t need a referral to schedule an appointment with us, for reimbursements Dutch- and some international healthcare insurers require a referral. You can ask your GP, company doctor, or other healthcare institution for a referral. The referral should be dated prior to the date of your first appointment.

Deductible (‘eigen risico‘)
Treatments at our clinic are defined as basic care, whether you have a ‘restitution ‘or ‘natura’ plan; this means that you will first have to pay the amount of your deductible (‘eigen risico’). This is the same in all Dutch hospitals. 

Full coverage with a restitution or specific combination plan

With a restitution or specific combination plan you are free to determine your own health care provider. Should you choose us, our invoice(s) will be fully covered and 100 % reimbursed by your Dutch health insurer. Guaranteed.

These are the names of plans with 100% reimbursement:

Now only 75 euro with a ‘natura’ plan

A ‘natura’ plan only covers the care of those providers your health insurer has a specific contract with. We do not such specific contracts, as it would interfere too much with our ability to provide the best possible care. For instance, long consultations- like those at our clinic-, wouldn’t be possible. This means that our care is partially reimbursed by a ‘natura’ plan, and you would have to pay the remaining part of the expenses yourself. However we now offer patients the possibility to make use of our health care with a relatively low contribution of 75 euro per health issue. For a 75 euro contribution you will have quick access and extended consultations (30-40 minutes). For additional diagnostics such as an X-ray or MRI you will not have to pay extra.

For some operative treatments there are additional costs for Natura insured patients (Natura verzekerden) as presented in the listing below. 

Any questions?

You can always call us for any questions concerning coverage; we can be reached by phone on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.00hrs. You can also reach us by email at

Payment and invoices

If you have a foreign insurance you will pay immediately after each appointment, either with your debit or credit card. The costs will be reimbursed by your insurance company. For surgical procedures we can often make direct agreements with your insurance company upfront in order to prevent you from having to pay a high amount in advance.

If you have a Dutch insurance, we send an invoice directly to your health insurer. A few health insurers don’t allow this; in that case you will pay us only after you’ve received your health insurer’s reimbursement.

We will send you or your health insurance company an official invoice after your treatment; this is due to Dutch regulations. Therefore it may sometimes take some time before you can request reimbursement from your insurance company.

Our rates for international healthcare insurance policies

Below you will find an overview of our rates for patients with an international insurance policy.

Explanation of healthcare costs in the Netherlands

Foreign insurers often request a statement that itemizes the costs of care for each activity. In other words: a cost breakdown. In addition, the care invoice often needs to be submitted quickly. Unfortunately, Eisenhower Kliniek is unable to satisfy either of these conditions. As hospital care is arranged differently in the Netherlands, we would be happy to explain this to you.

One Price Per Treatment Period

If you are treated in hospital, the hospital will not charge for every scan, injection, or treatment separately. You will pay for your hospital care through what are known as DBC care products. DBC stands for Diagnose Behandeling Combinatie, or in English, Diagnosis Treatment Combination (your care path). DBC healthcare products form the basis of Dutch hospital care finance. This means that you do not settle each component of your examination or treatment separately, but pay one price for the entire care path.

A DBC healthcare product has a maximum duration of 120 days. If a patient has a chronic illness and undergoes long-term treatment, consecutive DBC healthcare products are registered over the years. 
DBC healthcare products are a type of care path that are usual for a certain kind of treatment, such as a broken arm. The price for this care product is an average of all costs associated with this form of break.
The scope of the treatment is important – there is a difference between a patient staying overnight in hospital or returning home immediately. Whether or not a patient needs an operation also makes a difference. The number of visits to the medical specialist can also play a role.

The final price

The DBC healthcare product is officially determined at the end of the treatment. The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) is the supervisory body for all the healthcare markets in the Netherlands and determines which DBC healthcare products hospitals can declare. The NZA also determines the rules regarding start and end dates of a healthcare product. It is possible for a patient to have more than one healthcare product at once if he/she is being treated for more than one ailment by different specialists

Why can it sometimes take several months for you or your insurer to receive a care invoice?

Treatments take different amounts of time. Even if you have just one visit, your DBC (care path) often lasts for many more months. This is because of the way that the system in the Netherlands is structured.

Large Bill for Small Amount of Care?

The costs of a treatment, or a DBC care product, are based on the average costs for the respective treatment. It is not a total of the costs for the activities, but is based on the average costs that are incurred when treating a patient.

DBC care products are care packages that are usual for a certain kind of treatment, such as a broken arm. The price for this care product is an average of all costs associated with this form of break. Consequently, it makes no difference if one or five X-rays are taken. If the patient feels that very little treatment was provided by the hospital, the care invoice may seem expensive. But the opposite can also be true.

If you would like to receive further information after reading this page, please contact the Finance department:


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