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With increased government pressure and rising insurance costs, healthcare has come to revolve around efficiency. This can be a good thing, provided that it does not cut the time we are able to spend on our patients. That’s why we do things differently.

This is how we do it

We don’t have contracts with insurance companies; it would limit us too much. We prefer to decide how we provide healthcare ourselves, for instance by offering longer consultations and better service. We are convinced that the best care ispersonalized to your preferences and needs. Because no two people are the same. That’s why we actually take the time to help you, while making sure our wait times don’t increase. Because that’s important, too: to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

What about the costs? In case you have a restitution plan all expenses are covered. If you have a ‘natura’ plan, your expenses will be partially reimbursed.

The people we work with

We work with experienced medical specialists and nurses. Together we determine the best possible treatment.

Cornelis Visser
“I want to advise and treat my patients with the latest techniques and treatments. Therefore, I focus on continuous education, training and further specialization.”

C.P.J. (Cornelis) Visser, MD PhD

Sebastiaan Jansen
“In every domain of my professional life, I keep looking for new frontiers. Being able to help in the development of hip arthroscopy on a national and international level is a great motivator to me.”

S.P.L. (Sebastiaan) Jansen, MD MBA

Maarten Kroon
“The best surgical outcome can be achieved by perfecting all steps in the operation process. You must have thought carefully about each activity and each tool beforehand. That gives me a lot of energy!”

M. (Maarten) Kroon, MD

Suzan Verdegaal
“I consider strong and truthful relationships of the upmost importance to both my professional and my private life in order to come to a better understanding of problems and situations, and ultimately to develop better ideas, plans, and decisions. I am committed to improve quality of care and try to raise the bar every day.”

S.H.M. (Suzan) Verdegaal, MD PhD

Giap Liem
“Throughout my whole professional career, my main goal has been to help people get back on track. To diminish their pain and to improve their functionality. How? Well, by continuously acquiring ever more knowledge of – and skills in – every aspect of anesthesia and pain relief, I strive to offer people the best possible personalized treatment.”

Giap Liem, MD

Roland Klein-Nagelvoort
“I monitor with great pleasure and great interest the latest developments in the treatment of knee problems. Because of this I am always up to date with the latest treatment techniques and can therefore offer my patients an optimal treatment process.”

R.W. Klein-Nagelvoort

Sjoerd Rutten
“I always want to offer the best possible treatment for my patients. After my medical training to become an orthopedic surgeon, I specialized in the (surgical) treatment of shoulder-, elbow- and knee problems. I am very interested in the newest skills and techniques, that’s why I also participated in two fellowships in Sydney, Australia.”

S. (Sjoerd) Rutten, MD PhD

Bryan Chander
“In my work as an orthopedic surgeon I can combine two passions: sports and the musculoskeletel system. My goal is to let my patients resume their sport activities on a high level, without any pain, after suffering from an knee- or ankle injury.”

B.R. (Bryan) Chander, MD

Rutger Tordoir

R.L. (Rutger) Tordoir, MD

“Ik streef continu persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling na in internationaal verband. Elke patiënt is anders en heeft andere zorg nodig. Als arts vind ik telkens het weer een uitdaging om samen met mijn patiënt tot de beste, persoonlijke behandeloptie te komen.”

J. (Jantine) Posthuma de Boer, MD PhD

“Dr. Elizabeth van der Stroom heeft zich als anesthesioloog-pijnspecialist de laatste jaren ontwikkeld tot een van de voorlopers op het gebied van therapeutische zenuwblokkades onder echogeleide. Zij is tevens werkzaam in het Alrijne Ziekenhuis en behandelt op de pijnpoli van de Eisenhower Kliniek alle soorten (chronische) pijnklachten, waaronder rug- en nekpijn, aangezichtspijn, gordelroospijn, gewrichtspijn en zenuwpijn. ”

E.M.C. (Elizabeth) van der Stroom MD PhD



Eisenhower Clinic
Eisenhowerlaan 77f
2517 KK The Hague
+31 (0) 70 20 59 800

Eisenhower Kliniek

For directions to our clinic please click on Google maps (or Google Streetview) or find a download here. For access to our parking garage please report yourself at the gate on the left of the main entrance of the building.

Operation locations

Acibadem International Medical Center
Arlandaweg 100
1043 HP Amsterdam

Acibadem International Medical Center

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Soestwetering 12
3543 AZ Utrecht


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Biltseweg 14
3735 ME Bosch en Duin


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