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G. (Giap) Liem, MD, Pain specialist - Eisenhower Kliniek

G. (Giap) Liem, MD

Pain specialist

“Throughout my whole professional career, my main goal has been to help people get back on track. To diminish their pain and to improve their functionality. How? Well, by continuously acquiring ever more knowledge of – and skills in – every aspect of anesthesia and pain relief, I strive to offer people the best possible personalized treatment."

Principal focus

  • All spine- and musculoskeletal related complaints in the head / shoulder / arm / torso / back / abdominal wall / legs / feet
  • Advice on pain medication (no drug addiction / -abuse counseling)


Giap Liem treats people of all ages who struggle with chronic pain. By listening attentively whilst conducting extensive physical research, Liem will try to make clear to both the patient and their loved ones precisely which structures in the body are causing discomfort, and which mechanisms are responsible. The pain management plan will be determined accordingly.

Professional background

Giap Liem has been working as an Anesthesiologist – Algiatrist (a specialist concerned with pain relief) since 1990. Already during the time of his medical training, he was fascinated by the functions of the brain and the central nervous system. Partly because of his far-reaching experience, he often manages to find a way to relieve chronic pain patients’ distress and, in so doing, to restore their functionality. Having previously worked at the former Red Cross Hospital in The Hague, Liem has been working at the Alrijne Hospital for 12,5 years now.


  • Medicine at the University of Amsterdam
  • 3,5 years Intern Cardiopulmonary Surgery at OLVG / UMC Utrecht
  • 1 year Resident Neurosurgery at AMC Amsterdam
  • Anesthesiology Training at AMC Amsterdam

Boards & Memberships

  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Anesthesiologie inclusief Sectie Pijn [Dutch Society of Anesthesiologists including Section Pain] (NVA)
  • International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)
  • Dutch Pain Society (DPS)
  • The World Institute of Pain (WIP)
  • European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain (ESRA)
  • European Society of Anesthesiology
  • The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists

Awards & Additional notes

Supervisor / counselor education in Pain medicine



Eisenhower Clinic
Eisenhowerlaan 77f
2517 KK The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel:+31 (0) 70 20 59 800 +31 (0) 70 20 59 800
Fax: +31 (0)70 22 11 569

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