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Maarten Kroon

M. (Maarten) Kroon, MD

Orthopedic surgeon

"The best surgical outcome can be achieved by perfecting all steps in the operation process. You must have thought carefully about each activity and each tool beforehand. That gives me a lot of energy!"


  • Hip prostheses
  • Feet and ankle surgery
  • Ankel arthroscopy


Maarten Kroon operates many patients with hip arthrosis (worn hip) who suffer much annoyance in everyday life. These people can often be relieved of pain and get back on their feet with a hip prosthesis. Besides he treats people with disorders of the ankle and foot. “A deformity of the feet and toes may cause many problems with wearing shoes. With surgery you can often restore the situation again.”

Professional background

He currently is one of the few experts in the field of hip arthroscopy (specifically anterior approach) in the Netherlands. He performs more than 400 procedures a year. Maarten Kroon has been working as an orthopedic surgeon since 2010 specializing in hip arthroscopy immediately. In the area of placing hip prostheses via the anterior approach Maarten is currently one of the most skilled orthopedic surgeons in the Netherlands. He performs this procedure more than 200 times a year and is a trainer for the Zimmer Biomet company. Aditionally he is specialized in the treatment of ankle and foot problems. During his training as an orthopedic surgeon at the Haga Hospital in The Hague he was already focused on this area after which he has further developed his knowledge and skills. Maarten Kroon also works in the Alrijne Hospital.

Academic background

  • Medicine, Leiden University
  • Orthopedic training, Leiden University Medical Center

Boards & Memberships

  • European Foot and Ankle Association (EFAS)
  • Nederlandse Orthopedische Vereniging (NOV)
  • Werkgroep heup van de NOV
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Orthopedische Traumatologie
  • Werkgroep voet- en enkelchirurgie (DOFAA)