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Whether your treatment will be covered depends on your health care plan.

Foreign insurance

Are you insured abroad? In that case you won't need a referral. In addition, the costs will typically be covered in the same way as with other hospitals and clinics. Please see your foreign health insurer's terms and conditions.

Dutch insurance

Whether your treatment will be covered in part or in full depends on your health care plan. In case you have a restitution plan the care at our clinic will be covered in full. With this plan you are free to determine your own health care provider. If you have a 'natura' plan our care will always be covered in part; in that case the plan's terms and conditions determine which part of the insurance will be reimbursed. Below you can find if your plan covers treatment at our clinic.

General information

No coverage without a referral  

Though we don't require a referral to schedule an appointment with us, your health care insurer does. You can ask your GP, company doctor, or other health care institution for a referral. That letter should be dated prior to your first appointment with us.


Treatments at our clinic are defined as basic care, whether you have a restitution or 'natura' plan. This means that you will first have to pay the amount of your deductible.

Full coverage with a restitution plan

With a restitution plan you are free to determine your own health care provider. Should you choose us, our invoice will be fully covered by your health insurer. Guaranteed.

These are the names of Dutch restitution plans:

Avero Zorgplan Restitutie, De Friesland Vrije Keuze Polis, FBTO Restitutiepolis, Ik! Zorgplan Restitutie, Kettlitz Wulfse Zorgplan Restitutie, Kiemer, Prolife Principe Polis Restitutie, Zilveren Kruis Basis Exclusief, De Goudse Eigen Keuze, IZA Eigen Keuze, IZZ Restitutie, Unive Zorg Vrij, Gewoon ZEKUR Vrij, VGZ Eigen Keuze, Zorgverzekeraar UMC, CZ Zorgkeuze polis, Delta Lloyd, OHRA, Menzis Basis Vrij, De Amersfoortse, Stad Holland, ONVZ, PNO Zorg, VVAA, Zorg & Zekerheid ZorgVrij polis.

Partial coverage with a 'natura' plan 

A 'natura' plan only covers the care of those providers your health insurer has a specific agreement with. We do not have this, because it would interfere too much with our ability to provide the best possible care. For instance, long consultations, like those at our clinic, wouldn't be possible. This means that our care is partially reimbursed by a 'natura' plan, and you will have to pay the remaining part of the expenses yourself. The exact amount depends on the terms and conditions of your plan.

An example

You have a GP referral for your knee problem. You schedule an appointment with us for a first, 60-minute consultation. Our specialist discusses your condition and physically examines you, and performs an X-ray scan. It appears that you have mild arthrosis and further treatment will not be necessary. You receive an invoice from us for €380; this amount is for both the 60-minute consultation and one (1) X-ray scan. You send the invoice to your health insurer. 

Coverage with a 'natura' plan 

In this case, with a 'natura' plan at Zilveren Kruis Achmea, you will receive a reimbursement of €141,43. With a plan at Zorg & Zekerheid the reimbursement amounts to €131,06.

Coverage with restitution plan*

With a restitution plan the expenses will be covered in full.

* In both cases, however, your health insurer will deduce your unused deductible.

Any questions? 

You can always call us for any questions concerning coverage. We can be reached by phone on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.00. You can also reach us by email at  

Payment and invoices

If you have a 'natura' plan you pay immediately after each appointment, either with your debit or credit card. If you have a restitution plan, we send an invoice directly to your health insurer. A few health insurers don't allow this; in that case you will pay us only after you've received your health insurer's reimbursement. 

We will always send you an invoice. With treatment plans that include multiple appointments, treatments, or surgeries we will send you a final settlement. It may take some time before you receive this. Once you have, you may proceed to send it to your health insurer. 

Our rates

Below you will find an overview of our rates.


Read more about our tariffs


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