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Orthopedic clinic / Pain management

Eisenhower Clinic links her clients directly to the best specialists. There is more time for consultation, no waiting time and a high service level. We believe that personalized care should be part of the Dutch healthcare system. Due to increased power of health insurers which causes price pressure, hospitals and clinics are forced to organize their care around “efficiency”. Eisenhower Clinic was developed to once again focus healthcare around the “client”.

Vrouw met Klacht

More time and attention

We carefully listen to your preferences and needs. That is why we offer 30, 40 minutes or longer consultations.

Immediate treatment

Meet with our physicians within a week. Do you need surgery? We’ll schedule that from the first.

Direct Geholpen
Deskundige Zorg

Expert care

All our specialists have more than 15 years of experience and offer the best personalized care.


Most international insurance companies reimburses our treatments. Eisenhower has no contracts or arrangements with (Dutch) healthcare insurance companies. If your treatment is fully or partially reimbursed depends on your specific insurance policy. Please read our tariff and reimbursement information below.

Latest news

We would like to keep you posted regarding: news from healthcare, our ideas about healthcare and latest developments in Eisenhower Kliniek.


Eisenhower Clinic starts pain clinic

As of 19 December 2019, Eisenhower Clinic will start a pain outpatient clinic where patients with all spinal and musculoskeletal pain complaints of the head, shoulder, arm, chest,…

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Below you will find our answers on some frequently asked questions with references to other areas of our website. You can always contact us by phone or you can let us call you back.

01) How soon can I have my first consultation?
We connect our clients directly to the right specialist without waiting times. Furthermore, we combine consultation and diagnosis in our clinic. We plan surgical treatments immediately if possible.
02) How can I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment by phone, e-mail or online. You can also use the Call back option on our website.
03) Where is Eisenhower Clinic located?
You can reach our clinic easily by car and via public transport. It is possible to park your car in our garage if you register at our gate. From our garage you only need to take the elevator to the 4th floor to get to our clinic. Please let us know if you need any kind of support after parking your car.


Eisenhower Clinic
Eisenhowerlaan 77f
2517 KK The Hague
+31 (0) 70 20 59 800

Eisenhower Kliniek

For directions to our clinic please click on Google maps (or Google Streetview) or find a download here. For access to our parking garage please report yourself at the gate on the left of the main entrance of the building.

Operation locations

Acibadem International Medical Center
Arlandaweg 100
1043 HP Amsterdam

Acibadem International Medical Center

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Soestwetering 12
3543 AZ Utrecht


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Biltseweg 14
3735 ME Bosch en Duin


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