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S.C. (Saskia) Wiersma-Tuinstra, MD, Orthopedic surgeon - Eisenhower Kliniek

S.C. (Saskia) Wiersma-Tuinstra, MD

Orthopedic surgeon

"My aim is to optimise the mobility of my patients through good advise and, if needed, surgery of their knee. As a good listener I am sincerely interested in the personal situation of my patients."

Expertise areas

  • Surgery of the meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament
  • Primary knee replacement
  • Sports related knee injuries
  • Persisting pain after knee replacement


Saskia Wiersma treats both many young people with sports related knee injuries as well as older patients with arthritis (wear) of the knee. "I want to work with the patient to find the best possible solution for each specific situation."

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Professional background

Saskia Wiersma has been working as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon since 2008. Early in her career she focused on the treatment of knee problems. Today she performs over 500 knee surgeries per annum, including 180 primary and 40 revision knee arthroplasties. Her ability to truly understand her patients' needs and her technical skills have made her one of the best knee surgeons in the Netherlands. Saskia Wiersma also works in Alrijne Hospital.

Academic background

  • Study of medicine, Leiden University
  • Orthopedic training, Leiden University Medical Center

Boards & Memberships

  • Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging (NOV)
  • Werkgroep Knie van de NOV
  • Nederlandse vereniging voor arthroscopie (NVA)

Honors & Special notes




Eisenhower Clinic
Eisenhowerlaan 77f
2517 KK The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel:+31 (0) 70 20 59 800 +31 (0) 70 20 59 800
Fax: +31 (0)70 22 11 569

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