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Our Ankles-specialists

M. (Maarten) Kroon, MD
  • Hip prostheses
  • Feet and ankle surgery
  • Ankel arthroscopy

About us

Eisenhower Clinic links her clients directly to the best specialists. There is more time for consultation, no waiting time and a high service level. This results in better care that is tailored to the individual. We believe that personalized care should be part of the Dutch healthcare system. Due to the increased power of health insurers and the price pressure this entails, hospitals and clinics are forced to organize their care around "efficiency". Eisenhower Clinic was developed to once again focus healthcare around the "client".

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More time and attention

We carefully listen to your preferences and needs. That is why we offer 30, 60 and 90 minute consultations.

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Immediate treatment

Meet with our physicians within a week. Do you need surgery? We'll schedule that from the first.

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Expert care

Our specialists all have more than 10 years of experience and offer care to perfectly suit your situation.

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